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Johar group is conglomerate in Maharashtra having diversified businesses covering fields such as logistics, educational institutions, travel industry, real estate industry, and use distribution network. Because of its high-quality & feature-rich products, expertise in distribution, ethical practices, and good market share within a short period, Dusasha has become an established and smart brand of India.

Dusasha offers a wide range of products for its channel. Product ranges from Led TV, mobile phones to various mobile accessories, and so on. Products are full of the latest upgraded features and offered at an enticing price fit for everyone’s pocket.

With the focus on made in India products and it’s good ethical practices and fair dealings with the partners, today Dusasha has more than 100 distributors all over India. ..From Kashmir to Andaman and Nicobar (north to south) and from Maharashtra to Assam (east to west) It is supporting its distribution channel through various innovative products and a smooth supply chain and logistics management. With a focus on customer satisfaction Dusasha is having more than 1000 authorized service centers all over India.

Recently Dusasha has partnered with Lokmat media which is one of the leading media houses of India, which will entrust Dusasha with huge marketing and branding capabilities over the next five years.

With innovative product range, competitive pricing, ethical practices, robust distribution channel, ultimate customer satisfaction, Continuous marketing, and branding activities, Dusasha soon aims to become one of the leading brands of India.

Dusasha ensures all its channel partners long-term profitable and stable business relationships with transparent business transactions, ethical values, and a healthy supply chain. We also Consider our channel panel as an integral part of our system and we ensure that no losses to our channel partner at any point of time.

Dusasha is also proud to be an India Brand as we strongly exercise Make in India belief and have all it’s manufacturing divisions within our country. We strive to offer products that are smart, reliable, and affordable.

We are here to bring a revolution in electronics and henceforth called the Smart Indian Brand!!


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